Risk Protected Assets

Balanced Accumulation:
Finding the Right Mix of Growth and Protection

What does risk look like to you?

Many consumers are now faced with self-funding their retirement due to the uncertainty around social security and pension plans.

What’s the goal?

The goal in accumulating retirement savings is to balance risk between asset growth potential and protection.

Mutual funds, variable annuities, stocks, and bonds are exposed to market risk. Balanced accumulation and finding the right mix of growth potential and protection are key.

Many consumers want to ensure that their savings can grow and have some level of risk protection in case of economic volatility. Specifically, cash, CDs, money market, fixed index annuities, and fixed annuities are not exposed to market risk. As consumers are nearing retirement, balancing financial risk in an ever-changing market can be challenging and unpredictable.

Risk-Protected Asset Analysis

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