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With all the noise and consistent contradicting talking heads, the nuances to navigate for retirement feel overwhelming for many people. On “The Retirement Summit,” Ben attempts to make complex strategies and concepts more accessible, and shares stories of how he’s helped others navigate the storms and increase individuals’ confidence in their plan. No two clients are the same, but Ben and his SWS team utilize various strategies including a proprietary investment platform called Market Guard™ which is designed to prevent a major crash from wiping out your life savings. Ben says, “We work to build custom plans that have a variety of protections built- in. Our goal is to liberate our clients from some of the stress that prevents them from focusing on the activities in retirement that truly provide the biggest ROI—which have much less to do with money.

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Meet Ben Smith

Partner | Wealth Advisor

In Ben’s 20+ years of investing and professional experience, he has realized that people are harder to manage than money. Peoples’ emotions can influence many of the moving parts of any given plan. So, acting in his clients’ best interests first is more than just adhering to suitability standards, risk management, and tax planning for now and the future. It’s looking for the ROIs that have less to do with the money and doing our best to implement strategies that empower clients to utilize all they have to enjoy a fulfilling retirement.

Ben is a self-proclaimed nerd. It’s a gift and curse that he embraces, and he surrounds himself with people to balance his quirks. His best ROI comes from the time he spends with his wife and children. He tries to position himself as a partner in the decision-making process around retirement and believes he has a near familial relationship with some of his clients.

Hear the Highlights!

Buy the Corvette

Ben discuss how stress-testing your strategy can pay off for your financial future.

Don’t Be a Victim

Ben highlights the importance of taking charge of your financial future to avoid being a victim.

Enjoy Spending Your Money

Don’t accept a loss in your money! Ben discusses how you could find flexibility in your retirement income.

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