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Deferring Taxes on Capital Gains

If you have highly appreciated assets with over $500,000 in capital gains exposure, then the deferred tax strategy may be
A Way Outfor you by providing you with a strategic way to engineer the assets you receive.

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A Unique Tax Strategy Tailored for Highly Appreciated Assets

For over 25 years, a Deferred Tax Strategy has been a legal, proven 1031 Exchange alternative or a way to protect your 1031 Exchange from failing. The simple elegance of our deferred tax strategy applies a lawful and accepted process to allow the seller of a business to defer capital gain taxes due at the time of sale over a period of time selected by the seller or taxpayer in advance. This tax strategy uses a 100-year-old tax code under IRS code 453, which is a form of an installment sale paired with a specialized trust that acts as a third party, so at the time of the sale you don’t receive constructive receipt of the asset, which would be taxable by the IRS. This is not a monetized installment sale.

Ultimately, a Deferred Tax Strategy has the potential to generate substantially more wealth than a direct or taxed sale.

90%7 of Americans didn’t know that there are 7 different tax brackets.


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Deferred Tax Strategy

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